Though there are truly wonderful, loving, women who become Gestational Surrogates for families in need, the Jewish community has long suffered from a lack of Jewish Gestational Surrogates. While it may seem trivial or even offensive to some that a family specifically requests a Jewish Gestational Surrogate (because, after all, they should be grateful to any woman who is willing to offer them this gift), we want to share with you that Jewish law is beautiful though often extremely complex. And in the case of Surrogacy, an extremely complex issue, the prevailing Rabbinic opinion advises that families who are in need of this help should use a Jewish Gestational Surrogate in order for their child to be recognized and accepted as a Jew from birth.

For some families this leaves them with the devastating prospect of never having a child if they cannot find a Jewish Gestational Surrogate. For others a decision is made to forgo the law and to "deal with it later" which can often lead to frustration and disappointment when their child is faced with unanticipated issues (ie being married in Israel by the Rabbinate, finding a Rabbi to convert their child etc). And so for us the solution is a clear one; to tell you about the plight of these families and to ask you to pass the word forward. To share with everyone in the Jewish community that there are wonderful families, who without the help of someone like you, may never receive the blessing of a child. It is my deepest hope that collectively we may be able to spread the word (both about the need for Jewish Gestational Surrogates as well as Jewish Egg Donors) so that extraordinary, loving, Jewish women like you may be inspired to contemplate helping these families in need.

The average starting compensation for a Gestational Surrogate is $35,000+ for a single fetus.

If you are reading this and feel that you have it in your heart to consider carrying a child for another family, if you have enjoyed being pregnant, if you feel that this experience would be a truly meaningful one to you and your family, then this incredible act of love and kindness might be right for you.​Thank you for reading our FAQ's and for letting us know if you'd like to speak. And if you have a friend who you feel may have it in her heart to offer this gift to another family then we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for passing this forward.

To read about one amazing woman's journey as a surrogate please visit: "There's No I in Uterus"

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Dearest Gestational Surrogate Candidate,

We thank you so very much (beyond what these words can ever express) for your interest in contemplating this exceptional act of love and kindness.

We are often asked this question so we'd like to clarify; the act of Gestational Surrogacy does not involve using ones own eggs; therefore, a woman who offers to become a Gestational Surrogate is not in any way related genetically to the child that she is carrying.