​​​If you have found yourself faced with the emotional overload of your fertility journey (whether you are contemplating reaching out to a fertility center for help, already doing IUI's, IVF, or just starting to consider Third Party help), I would be truly honored to be here for you. 

As a nurse with over 43 years of experience supporting those going through extraordinarily difficult times in their lives, and with the past 18 years working exclusively within the Jewish community, I understand that this experience is often an isolating one. I understand that you may feel as if you are just “another number” as you try to maneuver through the fertility world to best understand your options, that you likely feel overwhelmed and tired of feeling consumed by the emotions this journey arouses, even if it is one you have chosen to embark upon.

While this is not an alternative to therapy it is my hope that this will provide a safe space for you, one where you receive loving support and wisdom, and where my years as a fertility nurse and patient advocate will provide you with helpful information which empowers you to make well informed decisions. It is my hope that our time together will boost your reserves, help calm your fears, offer you a new perspective on what you are moving through and, most of all, help inspire a sense of hope.

I would be truly honored to be here as a support to you on your journey to Brachot.

Please know that your privacy and confidentiality will be safeguarded.

In order to schedule your support session please email me (subject line- Schedule a Consult) at info@ajewishblessing.com and I will get back to you with my available times.

Fee: $234/50 minute session Skype session

"You were the kindest person I met on my path to parenthood. Your generosity, availability and belief in my goal to be a parent was unparalleled."


"Thank you for writing with kindness and care. Something that in my 5 years of fertility saga I haven't come across very often."


"I sit here with awe and gratitude for you. Thank you. I have rarely been on the receiving end of this kind of effort." 2/10/22

"We last spoke in 2018 and you were incredibly kind to us at a hard time on our journey to starting a family. I will always remember the genuine warmth, kindness, and encouragement you provided along the way."


"Judy, thank you. Speaking to you made me look at things differently."


"I cannot tell you how I have held on to your compassion and kindness from the few conversations we had...it brings me to tears now just thinking about it--this journey is deeply challenging and you have been an angel to me (and so many others I am sure) during this difficult time."


"Thank you again so much for the care and sensitivity you give to your work. It makes all the difference in maintaining a positive outlook on this daunting and challenging journey."


" This process can feel harrowing and overwhelming at times, and speaking with you immediately alleviates anxieties and worries about so many factors that go into this process. It is clear that deep thought and integrity goes into each and every one of your donors that you select, so thank you for that as well."


"I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help,  Judy.  The work you do is an act of supreme kindness and compassion. Thank you so much for your warmth, support and encouragement."


 "Thank you so much for your time and expertise Judy! You have given us so much knowledge and we feel empowered to move forward with this journey. "


​"Thank you for taking the time with us yesterday. We both appreciate the passion which you bring to your role. That dedication is certainly reassuring to couples who are dealing with the sensitivity of this process." ​


"Thank you for speaking with me this morning at the last minute. I cannot describe how much it helped to calm me down - I really really appreciate it. You are such a special person and I'm so thankful to have you in our lives. Especially since it's Hannukah, I want to say that you are such a light onto this world!"  


"You are a dream. Your expertise, availability and care are unparalleled.  I love your heart and who you are as a person.  You believed in us and some things are just not measurable."


"הי ג’ודי יקרה, 
"!את תמיד עונה תשובות כל כך רגישות וחכמות, תודה

"In what has been a very difficult process, you have certainly been a ray of light. Whatever direction we choose to go, I will always remember your kindness."


"I can't tell you enough how much it means to me that you bring such humanity and compassion into this often cold process"  


"Hi Judy, You are an absolute Blessing from every dimension.  Thank you for your kindness, warmth and support - you are in our hearts and people like you make all the difference for us, keeping us going on this journey.  Thank you greatly!"


"In what has been a very difficult process, you have certainly been a ray of light. Whatever direction we choose to go,

I will always remember your kindness."

"Thank you Judy for being so patient and understanding and open and amazing- I soooo appreciate it. It makes this difficult journey a bit easier knowing that there are such special people out there."


"Every telling of this tale begins with A Jewish Blessing. I was forlorn and almost without hope before we spoke for the first time. I'll never forget that conversation, and the initial glimmer of possibility that my feet were finally on the path..."


"Your devotion and care along our journey made this all possible and we can’t thank you enough! " 

"Now I know why they call you a Jewish Blessing."

"Thank you so much, Judy! It was such a pleasure to speak with you. I hope you know that you brought me a lot of hope and comfort in what is a very scary and overwhelming time for me right now."


"Please know I've got a special place in my heart for AJB.  Judy was the first person I spoke to about the process and I'm forever grateful for your support, advice, encouragement, and love. "


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