Dearest Intended Parent,

Over the past years I have had the great fortune of working with hundreds of wonderful families who have struggled with their feelings of pain, desperation, isolation and grief over infertility. I have felt blessed by each moment that each of you have so generously shared with me as you have pursued your most personal journey. I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your trust in me, for the lessons you have taught me through your single minded passion to achieve your dreams, for the strength you have demonstrated even in your darkest moments; most of all I want to thank you for allowing me to be there with you through it all, even when you have felt like you had no more words left in you to describe it to me.

Some of you, my wonderful patients, are still on your journey. You are always in my heart and prayers. As I have told you all, never let go of the dream; you just don’t know which road will take you there….

To those of you who have taken the leap of faith and allowed yourselves to open the door to Egg Donation or Gestational Surrogacy, I know that the process has been difficult beyond words; I have watched each of you emerge from the cloud of doubt with joy and love when this new life was brought into yours. I have never met a single one of you who later regretted the decision to venture into this “foreign" world.

To those of you who are still struggling to make the decision, I have yet to meet a patient who has said to me “Oh, fabulous! I get to think about using someone else's eggs or uterus to have my baby”. Had I heard this I might have worried about their sanity. And I have no quick fixes on the transition from sheer horror to true joy but I know that without mourning over the loss of your original and deepest natural desire there is no getting there. I also genuinely believe in your ability to get there and to accept, even this, especially this, as a gift.

If there is any way that I can be of help to you in your journey please let me know.