Dearest Donor Candidate,

We want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for considering this magnificent act of generosity and kindness.

Please know that your decision to donate is one that requires serious thought and consideration. It is not a decision to be made lightly; but made with thoughtfulness it is a decision that we have the deepest admiration for.

As an egg donor, you will receive a gift of $10,000+. We have provided you with detailed
FAQ’s and we are here to answer any questions that you might still have after reading through the information. Please feel free to email us directly at:

If you would like to speak with a young woman who has already had this experience then please let us know so that we can introduce you to someone who can share her experiences with you. Lastly, we are always here to speak with you about whether this particular act of kindness is one that is really right for you.

Even if, in the end, you decide that donating your eggs is not right for you, please know that you have the capacity to impact the lives of these families by merely passing the word forward to a friend who might be in a position to help. To each of you who have considered giving this gift to a family in need, we are eternally grateful.

If you have come to the decision after reading the Donor FAQ's that you wish to donate your eggs to a loving family, then please complete the brief Pre-Qualifying Application by clicking the button on this page.