A Jewish Blessing LLC was founded by Judy Weiss, BSN, RNC in 2005 in response to the growing number of requests from Jewish families for her help in finding qualified and extraordinary young Jewish donors and Gestational Carriers. Her background as Nurse Coordinator of a successful clinic based Egg Donation Program, along with her experience in the field of fertility and her more than 40 years of Nursing experience counseling patients, has provided her with the vast experience and sensitivity required for this unusually challenging role. 

Judy, who was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home and educated in Yeshiva and post High School Seminary in Israel, is familiar with the many intricacies of Jewish Law which can affect the families she works with. Additionally, as the child of a Holocaust Survivor she has a strong dedication to the continuity of Jewish heritage and culture through future generations. 

"I have always been exquisitely aware of myself in this world as a Jew and have walked gratefully through my life with a unique appreciation for the manner in which my Judaism has shaped me as a human being. It is inseparable from my identity as a woman, a mother, a child, a friend...." 

In 2006 she was joined by Sivonne Weinreb who, with her background in Psychology and Consulting, has dedicated her time and expertise to donor education and to the donor screening process over the past many years.

In addition, A Jewish Blessing’s team is incredibly grateful to have a vast network of medical colleagues in the field who act as an ancillary team and with whom they consult often.

Judy and Sivonne refer to their work as “a Labor of Love” and have devoted their careers to understanding the unique needs of each family and donor, and to helping them achieve their dreams. 

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