We are honored to be here for you while on this journey.

  To get started on your search for a JEWISH EGG DONOR: 

​       1. Please email us to schedule an initial brief free Skype meeting with Judy in order to help you get started on your search for your one special donor.

           I am also available, if you'd like, for a long (1+hour) Educational Support session so that I can help you address any questions/concerns you may       

           have about embarking on this journey. It is my hope that our time together will empower you with the information and support you need to make the

           most informed decisions possible moving forward. Eduational Support Session fee: $180 

       2. Thank you for completing the Intended Parent/Egg Donor Form before our get together by clicking on the link so that we can help you access our                 donor database once we have completed our consult.

       ** You can choose to upgrade to our Premiere Matching service at any time.  Intended parents who choose this plan will be given first right of refusal (in a much smaller group) on all new donor candidates. The fee for this upgrade is $180. 

We will be happy to discuss with you what will best suit your personal needs.**

To be added to our wait list for a JEWISH GESTATIONAL SURROGATE:
     1. Please
 email us to ask us to add you to our wait list.
     2. Thank you for completing the
 Intended Parent/GS Form by clicking on the link.

I look forward to being here to support you as you move forward on this journey to blessings.


get started

PLEASE NOTE: Because new donor candidates are shared with groups of families, please be aware that matching will continue to be on a first come first serve basis. A Jewish Blessing's hold policy, however, will remain unchanged in order to allow you the time you feel you need to consider this big decision. Please see Intended Parent FAQ's for further information on our Hold Policy.