I would be honored to be here for you while on this journey.

PLEASE NOTE: I am on Sabbatical through March the 1st, 2023.  However, if you would like to schedule a support session during this time I will continue to provide this service. Please see Support Services for more information https://www.ajewishblessing.com/support-services.html

If you are a new intended parent interested in being matched with an egg donor, please feel free to complete our intake form https://intakeq.com/new/zCKoRk  I will add your name to the BCC alert list which will notify you of all newly added or returning donors when they are shared.

For those intended parents wishing to be added to our wait list for a Jewish Gestational Carrier please complete out intake form: https://intakeq.com/new/6RRSH7

​For all women interested in exploring becoming an egg donor please visit https://www.ajewishblessing.com/donors-1.html or reach out to Sivonne Weinreb at eggdonor@ajewishblessing.com 

  To get started on your search for a JEWISH EGG DONOR: 

​       1. Thank you for emailing  to share your personal goals; are you simply hoping to access our donor database? If so then thank you for completing the Intended Parent/Egg Donor Form at https://intakeq.com/new/zCKoRk. Or if you have a desire to provide yourself with a significantly more personal, spiritual, and supportive experience then please know that I would be truly honored to provide you with this support. Please feel free to go to: https://calendly.com/ajewishblessingconsults/50min to schedule your private skype session. Fee- $234 per 50 minute session. 


 To be added to our wait list for a JEWISH GESTATIONAL SURROGATE:
     1. Please
 email us to ask us to add you to our wait list.
     2. Thank you for completing the
 Intended Parent/GS Form by clicking on the link.

I look forward to being here to support you as you move forward on this journey to blessings.


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PLEASE NOTE: Because new donor candidates are shared with groups of families, please be aware that matching will continue to be on a first come first serve basis. A Jewish Blessing's hold policy, however, will remain unchanged in order to allow you the time you feel you need to consider this big decision. Please see Intended Parent FAQ's for further information on our Hold Policy.