I would be honored to be here for you while on this journey.

As of March 1. 2023:

Following a very meaningful 4 month Sabbatical I have come to the extremely difficult decision that after a long and very rewarding 43 year nursing career it is now the right time for me to take a step back. There are truly not enough words to describe the joy and the honor of devoting these past 18 years of my life to my work within the Jewish community. It is because of my beautiful mother, a Holocaust survivor, that I took this leap of faith so many years ago to take on this labor of love helping Jewish families actualize their dream of parenthood. It is now my time to be with her and to devote myself to her care. (New clients hoping to benefit from support sessions, match with a donor or gestational surrogate please continue to read)

Please know that it is with a very heavy heart that I step away. I will be spending the next foreseeable stretch of time winding down my practice and as well as 
continuing to match available repeat donors with families during this time (and currently have 2 donors available through our remarkable egg bank program).

Additionally, I will make myself available for educational and support consultations with any family who feels this would be helpful. In the event you are interested in this option please send an email to info@ajwishblessing.com subject line "Scheduling a consult" and I will be in touch with you, as soon as I have an opportunity to, in order to help you schedule a mutually good time to meet via skype.  Please note that my fee is $234 per 50 minute session.

Most importantly, it remains my hope and dream to leave my practice to someone who will continue my work in the community; I am well aware that there is still a great need and I will do what I can to help fill that space with someone who brings compassion, integrity, loving guidance and so much more to those in need.

In the event that you are a new client,I invite you to submit your intake forms to me at https://intakeq.com/new/zCKoRk so that if I have a donor to match you with during this transitional phase I can be in touch with you. In the event you would like to be waitlisted for a surrogate see the intake form below.

 To be added to our wait list for a JEWISH GESTATIONAL SURROGATE:
     1. Please
 complete the Intended Parent/GS Form by clicking on the link.

I look forward to being here to support you in any small way I can during this transitional phase as you move forward on this journey to Brachot.


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PLEASE NOTE: Because new donor candidates are shared with groups of families, please be aware that matching will continue to be on a first come first serve basis. A Jewish Blessing's hold policy, however, will remain unchanged in order to allow you the time you feel you need to consider this big decision. Please see Intended Parent FAQ's for further information on our Hold Policy.