Donor Testimonials

"Thanks for all you do - for me, for the families who you help, and for all the donors who you advocate for.
Lots of love. "

"Everytime I get the chance, I tell people what a great experience I had with AJB. I look at my own kids and feel overwhelmed with gratitude - the thought that I might have helped others feel that same way is pretty incredible."


"I feel blessed to have been able to help and give so much happiness to these families. I think of it as a great gift."

​"Thank you both for all your incredible work, all the support through the years, your kind and loving hearts, and your dear friendship. You mean so much to me and I bless you with love, prosperity, beauty and all possible good in the universe."

"Thank you, Lynn and Judy, for all the support you have given me throughout this process."

​​"Thank you for all you (both!) do, for all of your donors and families alike. I feel truly fortunate to have met you."

"Thank you for everything that you and Judy do."

​"Thank you so much for this life-changing opportunity for me. I'm sincerely beaming from what I was able to do for them, and just still dumbstruck over the entire experience. It was really important to me to help a family and you gave me that opportunity- thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I wanted to let you know again that this entire process has been made so simple, and that's because of the work that you both do, and it's incredible."

From Colleague: "Thank you so much for being such an amazing agency. I love working with you and cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for us."

​"Thanks - I know you and Lynn are on top of my care . I appreciate you both!'

​"I know you are my biggest advocates besides myself and I always appreciate you all listening and responding."

​"Thank you! You 2 bring so much joy into people’s lives, and without your hard work none of this would be possible."

​From Colleague: "Tizki le-mitzvot!!! May you continue your sacred work, going from strength to strength in 5780! It is an incredible privilege to work with you!!!"  

​​"Thank you for all the love and support you have given me- I truly appreciate you and the organization."

"​I wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate you having given me the opportunity to help these families."

"Thank you both for being so supportive of me throughout this process and my constantly changing life plans haha :)"

"Thank you for helping me give this blessing and mitzvah to others"

"​Thank you for all the gifts you've brought to my life, and for this forever relationship I will always have in my heart."

"I'm really happy I made the donation, it could not be possible without you. You took care of me like if I was your own daughter and it fills my heart to know that you are part of my world and that there are people like you, doing what you do, making this world a little bit better. So, thank you <3!"

"I had a good time working with you. You are so loving and caring." 

"I want to express my gratitude to you guys. You are both such wonderful people and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to work with you."

"You ladies are amazing for what you do."

"I'm a four-time donor with A Jewish Blessing and the respect and personal care I have received has been a big reason why I keep coming back. Also...nothing beats the feeling I get after hearing my eggs were used to make someone's dream of creating a family a reality."

Colleague Testimonial: "
I am honored and delighted to be working with you again. It really makes me so happy."
8/26/19 ​ ​

Colleague Testimonial:  " I’m so glad that my clients found you!"

"Again, I can not thank the both of you enough for being the best support system throughout this entire process. I truly could not have done this without you both and I’m truly thankful. Until the next one ;)"

​From Colleague: "It’s been such a pleasure working with you and Lynn. I can tell how much you truly care about the well-being of your patients.  I’ll be sure to send you referrals in the future and will recommend your agency to everyone I work with." 

" I feel like I gained two awesome aunts when I started this relationship with AJB. :)  [❤]

​From Colleague: "Thank you both so much for being such a pleasure to work with! "  

"Thank you both for all you do. You are both truly a blessing.  [❤]  "

​"Thank you for letting me know (that a child was born of my donation).
I truly cannot stop smiling. Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful, positive, and joyous experience."


"I wanted to thank you and Lynn! You were incredible with me. I really felt protected and loved during the whole process, which is so important in a donation like this. You were so professional and even more, I feel like you are my best friends, and that says so much about you! I’m truly and deeply thankful for you  [❤] [❤] [❤] "

​"I was telling my companion that I would totally donate again, the whole process has been pleasant and you guys have been more than supportive and helpful. Thank you so much!!!" 

"My friend and I love it here and have been having so much fun adventuring in the city and eating amazing ethnic foods! I’m excited to get to provide the intended family with their eggs in a 2 days!"

"I did my first injections, boy oh boy was I a little afraid, but of course it wasn’t that bad at all!!! Thank you for the support and the information."

​"Thank you so very much :)  I so look forward to being a part of another cycle with you both again. You have been like second moms to me."

"I have not been able to stop smiling since I got your email yesterday. I am so excited to be given the chance to help a family."
"Donating was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I so enjoyed doing it with you. "

"My experience with A Jewish Blessing was great and rewarding and I am happy to share the message with others. "

"This is such good news that both families were able to have a baby(babies)! Becoming a parent myself, I am even more thankful I was able to help these families. "

"I feel overwhelming gratitude for you both, for giving me the gift of being an egg donor. I'm so grateful that you've allowed me to spread so much love and healing onto others, and being able to give such a huge gift has brought me so much joy and meaning in return. 
Thank you for all you do. I admire your strength and unbreakable compassion." 

"(During my screening visit) the Dr asked who my agency was and I let her know; she could not have gushed about you and A Jewish Blessing more. :) It made me feel really good!
Thank you again. I feel very blessed (and I scarcely use that term) to have both you and Lynn at my side through this process."

​"I want to say a great big thank-you because this whole cycle just felt easy. I really appreciate your support and you two doing such a great job organizing everything."

"Thank-you for your wisdom and on-going support."

"Dear Judy and Lynn, I cannot tell you how wonderful you both have been during this process...It is truly something that I want to be able to do and a gift I would be honored to give. You're selflessness and altruism in advising me to take care of my own health first is something I really needed to hear...I have a very difficult time letting people down if I have pledged to do something, so for somehow sensing what was best for me, you are my heroines. Once again, you are both incredible people. Thank you for everything."

​"Having donated with other agencies and after just a short conversation on the phone, I am certain of your concern for my well being as an egg donor, treating donors fairly, with integrity and respect."

"I am definitely moved by our joint adventure. The long trip and being away from home is not as easy as I thought, but all the quiet time and vacation from everything allowed the idea of what we are all doing together to sink in. I can understand why Judy and Lynn have decided to make this their vocation- I could not think of a higher calling."

"It's an honor to be able to help."

"This morning I reached the final stage of my egg donation and had my retrieval! Interning (at a Surrogacy agency) I get to see firsthand how surrogacy and egg donation help build families. I donated through A Jewish Blessing and it was such a positive and special experience. Thanks to everyone for the constant support! "

"This has been the most wonderful and meaningful experience. There are no words to describe the happiness i have felt through this process."

"Giving the gift of life to couples facility infertility who desperately want to be crowned parents has been one of the most amazing accomplishments of my life to date. It's unfortunate that most people just want to know how much money I make as an egg donor, think I do it just for the money (are you kidding me!), and completely brush off the beauty of having just created a life! It’s an incredible feeling knowing you helped create life. It’s even better knowing your help gave someone else such joy. I am eternally grateful to Judy Weiss and A Jewish Blessing for being my agency and taking such good care of me as their egg donor"

"It was so great getting to know you too! I didn't know what to expect and I am so happy to know how much support I have from you.  It makes me feel even more confident in my decision to be a donor.  I'm so glad I get to have 2 additional Jewish mothers looking out for me through this process."

"I want to thank you for being so kind and patient with me the past few months. More so, I want to thank you, and the program as a whole, for encouraging me to learn more about my family's health and history, get more in touch with my Jewish faith, and figure out more of what has made me the woman I am now. Your support and positive words have been so encouraging! It has been terrific getting to know the wonderful women in this program, especially you, Sivonne and Ro."

I've been working with Sivonne on my donor application and she has been incredibly patient with me, and has made the application process extremely easy.

I'm so grateful to be a part of this incredible work you are doing. I said it before but I'll say it again, you two have a spot in heaven saved for you :)

You and Lynn have both made everything so easy and comfortable! So thank YOU!

Judy, I wish you a beautiful New Year as we come to an end for 2014. I hope you know what a gift you've been in my life. Thank you for all the love you have allowed me to give others. The world is a better place with you and Lynn in it.

​Dear Judy and Lynn, It was a pleasure working with you. I know you both care so much and that really means a lot to me. Keep doing the fabulous job you do!

I've just been ecstatic leading up to and since the retrieval...I'm very hopeful for this intended family! Thanks for always being attentive and communicative and making this all possible. It is quite amazing

​The way you keep a personal relationship with your donors makes your agency wonderful!

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the amazing work you are doing!!

​Our daughter has shared her amazing journey with us as she experienced each new moment as an egg donor. It is nothing short of miraculous! Kol Hakod- Kudos- for the extraordinary accomplishments of A Jewish Blessing. We are beyond proud of our magnificent daughter.

I would not have considered doing this without your kindness and your support. I know you have other donors and families to take care of, not to mention personal lives, but I've always felt like a number one priority. Thank you so much.

I sit here in the lobby of my hotel going over the last few weeks leading to donating my eggs. Who would have thought I would walk away with three additional mothers and a lifetime memory. This experience has been such a gift that I wanted to take a moment to show my gratitude. Although we are here to give my recipient family the gift of life, I in exchange have been given an opportunity to travel, meet people and prosper in ways I cannot describe. You have made me feel like family always being there to take care of any concerns along the way. Amy has been calling and emailing me every day to make sure I am doing well and let me know she is available for all my needs day or night. Lynn has picked up my frantic phones calls early in the morning to give me driving directions from Florida lol and help make sure my accommodations are always taken care of...and Judy (my Ema) has always let me know that I am more than a donor to A Jewish Blessing.

I’m a young woman in my mid-twenties and I consider myself to be a very caring and giving person. That is why for me making the decision to become an egg donor was easy; the possibility of helping others and being sensitive to their unfortunate situation made me aware that I can do something valuable to make a change in their lives. The process started over the internet. I researched the topic and then decided to apply at A Jewish Blessing. Being Jewish myself I understand how important it is to conceive and have children, so I thought it was a great opportunity to help my own. After I filled out the application and my profile was chosen. They performed several medical examinations and a personal psychological assessment in order to know my physical and emotional health. They also made an assessment of my family’s medical history in order to determine if there were any potential genetic problems or diseases. When the cycle started, they explained the donation process from the time medications would be administered, the retrieval and all the prerequisites and responsibilities I had as a donor. The process was simple, I had to make some regular visits to the clinic to have blood test and sonograms to make sure everything was fine and going accordingly to the donation process.  After a few weeks on the medications and careful follow up of my body’s progress, the retrieval took place. It took my body about two weeks to go back to normal and I felt very healthy and happy everything worked out fine. This experience was very fulfilling because regardless of the compensation, the spiritual meaning of helping other people you don’t even know to have a child and being able to become a tool for this miracle to take place is a great blessing and satisfaction to me as a human being and as a woman. I truly think that any woman who decides to become a donor has to be aware that this is an incredible experience that will enrich your life in every possible way because all good deeds we do to others will become blessings in our own lives.

You have been so supportive and responsive and genuine and wonderful in guiding me through this process; if anyone wanted to donate I would definitely recommend them to you.

As one can imagine, making the decision to become an egg donor is a very difficult and scary one.  I went back and forth many times, even after beginning the initial process of approval.  While I knew in my heart that this was a gift I desperately wanted to share with someone struggling to have a child, I was truly scared by the unknown.  I was fortunate to have Judy, Lynn, and a wonderful staff of doctors on my side, willing to answer endless questions and share with me as much as they could about the process, the details, and all of my concerns. After all of the deliberation, they made me feel comfortable and secure enough to move forward...and I'm so glad I did.
Everything progressed as they explained it would, and in spite of my never ending questions about all of the requirements I had to maintain to prepare my body for the experience, they never made me feel uneasy or alone. I remember calling Judy very late at night on more than one occasion, both before and after the procedure. She was always there to talk with me. I won't deny that it can feel like a scary process at times, but one that you have SO much support, and love throughout.  You, and your recipients, will never be the same afterwards.  I never regretted my decision in spite of all my initial doubts and fears, and nothing solidified these feelings more than when I received an anonymous letter from my recipients only weeks after the procedure, "It is difficult to express the depth of our gratitude to someone we've never met, yet who has given us the greatest gift...the possibility of having a child". I read on and as tears began to wet my face, I knew in my heart I had made the right decision. One that enabled someone who was struggling, to have the possibility of creating a life. One that I know they will love and nurture like no other. It is with all sincerity that I urge you to take a step back, shut out your fears for a moment, and imagine someone doing the same thing for you.  I think it will help you to decide if this is something you want to share...

I had a meaningful experience donating through this agency. It made me think and look closely at my roots, to gather information about my family that I may have never discovered. There is a lot of judgment around egg donation, but I knew I was doing it for the right reasons: since I have been a teenage girl, I could not wait to be a parent. Every decision I had made was so that I could raise a child in a secure and loving environment. As I grew older, I had a lot of unexplained fear of infertility. I could imagine the fear and anger I would feel if I could not get pregnant or was told I could not conceive. When I had my son it was the greatest day of my life. I wanted a woman similar to myself to experience this joy and because of my previous fears I chose to become an egg donor. A Jewish Blessing made the experience as simple as it could be. They organized and planned as much as could be done for me. I never had problems with confidentiality or payment for the procedures. Lynn and Judy were always there to answer as many questions as they could. The procedures were not painful, they felt like a pap smear. The injections were not fun, but were quick. It was all a learning experience. It takes a little bit of bravery, a lot of determination, and compassion to follow through with everything and dedicate yourself to this. But, once you feel you have done your part you feel like you have given a piece of yourself to help someone else with their dream of becoming a mother.